Roscoe Guitars Custom speced Bart Soap Bars
Roscoe Basses come standard with'Roscoe Spec'd' Bartolini soabar pickups. Bartolini "Classic" pickups are available as an option. Available for 4, 5, and 6 string basses. (contact us for custom applications for more than 6 strings)
Bartolini Jazz Bass pickups
Bartolini "J" Pickups. New to the pickup options, the Bartolini "J" pickups. Stock "J" series, noise-free, made to be as close to "Vintage" as possible. Available for 4, 5, and 6 string basses.
Bartolini 3 band Pre-Amp
A 3 band Bartolini pre-amp comes standard on all Roscoe Basses. Controls: Volume, Blend, Mid (push/pull switch) Bass/Treble stacked pot.
Aguilar OP3 pre-amp
Aguilar pre-amps are available as an option on Roscoe basses, (there is an additional charge for the Aguilar pre-amps, Please see our pricing for additional cost). Controls: Volume, Blend, Mid, Bass/Treble stacked pot.