Joe and his Wallet
2 Basses
Roland and Jerry B
Ray with fretless
Greg's Pedal box
Bergantino Amps
Hotel room
Gard and his fretless Roscoe
Gard with a Smith
Greg and Joe
Greg with a Nordy
Greg Bump
Jerry with the Nordy
Joe and the Red Debbil
Joe with fretless
Joe with a Roscoe Guitar
Ray with King Koa
Father and Son
Jam Session
Jam Session
Jam Session
Jam Session
Jam Session
Jam Session
Jam Session
Cheap Hotel Sex
Jerry Burdick

The Roscoe Guitars/TalkBass GTG


At least once a year we like to sponsor a Roscoe Guitars/TalkBass GTG (get together) with the Roscoe Heads and any players that wish to attend. Folks bring their amps and basses to the event so everyone can have a chance to check out a variety of fine basses and gear. New friendships are made, while others get re-aquainted, basses are oggled and played by everyone, valuable information is imparted, and player stories and adventures are told and re-told. All in all, a good time is had by all who attend, just proving that the brotherhood of bassists is a beautiful thing indeed.