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What the Owners have to say

We here at Roscoe Guitars are apreciative of the fine folks that own our basses. Many are long standing Roscoe Heads, and have endeared themselves to us to the point of being considered part of the family. Great players all, and oftimes very vocal when it comes to all things Roscoe. If you check out the Roscoe Guitars forum on Talkbass (click the link below) you'll see, read and hear what we mean. Always entertaining and informative, and simply all around great people to get to know and come to call friends, they are, as are all that own our builds, a major part of what inspires and drives us to constantly push the envelope in our persuit of electric bass build perfection. We are extremely thankful for each and every one of them.

We look forwards to welcoming you to their ranks...