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Wood Cost Description
Mahogany N/C Full, fat, strong.
Spanish Cedar N/C Similar to Mahogany, a little smoother, more acoustic in tone, a bit lighter
Swamp Ash N/C Smooth and warm sounding with slightly more edge and punch. Lightest weight on average.
Alder N/C Full, warm tone. Medium weight.
Myrtle See Prices Harder and heavier, with focused punch, not as smooth on the lows. Only available with a Myrtle top.
Maple See Prices Soft, not hard maple. Full, edgy sound, very focused but not the warmth of cedar or ash. Available in various figures, including spalted, Does not include Exhibition Grade.
One of the major focal points of a fine build is the choice of top wood, and Keith has collected a wide variety of choice top woods that will complement any of his builds. To view a small sampling just click on the thumbnails below.
We have a variety of color stains options available. Below are the thumbnail samples.
Amber finish Antique Yellow finish Black finish Black_Gold finish Blue finish Bright Yellow finish
Amber Antique Yellow Black Black Gold Blue Bright Yellow
Brown finish Cherry Burst finish Cordovan finish Emerald_Green finish Orange finish Teal finish
Brown Cherry Burst Cordovan Emerald Green Orange Teal